January 2012-K8TRAM DCIM

K8T launch K8TRAM Data Center infrastucture Management System Version 2.0

K8TRAM is the first product that lets you affordably manage plan adn anayze yoru datacenter portfolio.By gathering all your infrastructure data. K8TRAM DCiM provides you with the granualrity to successfully operate yoru datacenter. K8TRAM unique thermal, power and space management tools enable optimisation and safe operation of your datacenters infrastructure.

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January 2012-K8TCUBE Class - 1 Metering Solution

K8TCUBE CLass 1 Meter is a Class 1 product that lets you affordably track your power metrics at the circuit level.By gathering information for all circuits within a power panel, sub-meters each circuit at affordable per circuit prices, and provides you with billing-grade power data.

May 2010

K8TRAM launches K8TMON, enabling a Web-based live view of your data centre's performance .By having all the relevant data centre information and metrics available at the click of a button you can make real-time decisions regarding the environment.

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Dataroom Management and Monitoring

The complete facilities management solution K8TRAM and K8TMON provide you with an affordable vendor independant solution to manage and optimise your datacentre energy and carbon consumption.

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Building Design and Performance

K8T provide complete building performance analysis service. We provide dynamic and detailed energy, fluid flow and heat transfer performance predictions and performance optimisation. Our realtime technologies provide class 1 metering solutions and intelligent building optimisation solutions to our clients worldwide.

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Building Perfromance and Analysis

Energy and CRC Audits and Assesments

Unified Physical Infrastructure Solutions

Monitoring and Metering Solutions

CFD Modelling

K8T have over 20 years of experience in CFD modelling and have carried out a significant number of high profile projects (see our project listing). We have extensive modelling experience in the areas of Wind modelling, Thermal comfort analysis, Datacentre Analysis, Fire Modelling, Atria Analysis and HVAC.

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Dataroom Analysis

Wind Analysis

Indoor Air Quality

Energy Performance

K8T are registered consultants and provide Part L and Section 6 compliance modelling consultancy.

We are registered to carry out EPC modelling and completion certificates.

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Part L, SBEM, EPC, BREEAM etc..

Energy Metering Solutions

Energy Audits and Analysis