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Specialised analysis through detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to evaluate the possible frequency and decibel range that could occur from air flow and the interaction with other objects.

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Trhough an accurate model of the room geometry and the design of any ventilation system (supply and extract) the frequency and sound pressure throughout the room can be analysed. Through the use of surface plots, whereby the data is plot across particular surfaces within the room, or through points within spaces of interest, the dB range can be determined. 

The data can be easily presented through the use of graphs and contour plots to ensure the data from the simulations can be better understsood.

Static Pressure graph


From large scale shopping centre car parks to small residential car parks, CFD analysis can provide valuable insight into the performance of a impulse fan or natural ventilation system. 

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Laboratory CFD analysis highlighting octaves

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