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Airflow through a building can have a major impact of the building performance and the comfort of the occupants. 

A Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulation can provide insight into the way a wind flow local to the site along with the design of the window design will impact the air changes within the building spaces. 

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There are many types of natural methods to ventilate a home from the standard window, to using a stack effect system. Homes need to be well ventilated to meet building regulations.

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Educational buildings need to meet building regulations and standards as well as being efficient in the use of energy. Utilising an natural ventilation methods could be effective in achieving the guidelines.

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Office analysis of natural ventilation to gauge the effectiveness of the system with a large space and large heat load. The system can be evaluated against CIBSE guidelines and Building Regulations.

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Many commercial spaces can benefit from natural ventilation with the aim of reduce the reliance of cooling through energy intensive methods. Examples of this can be cooling shopping malls or even power stations through designing for passive methods 


Stack ventilation can be an effective means to ventilate a range of spaces from educational classrooms to shallow plan offices. Through using analysis of the design and system, any bottlenecks or interruptions in the flow of air as well as heat build up can be understood to insure a effective system. 

The effective of wind and variations of external weather conditions such as humidity and air temperature can be modelled to evaluate the system performance throughout the year. 

Illustration of Stack ventilation within a sports hall
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Cross ventilation, or as it is also known wind assisted ventilation, is another form of natural ventilation that is used across many different sectors. The naturally driven method relies on the wind to force air through the building, and therefore replaces the existing stale air within the space. 


Through the use of CFD the wind in the local area can be an accurately modelled utilising real world location metrological data in combination with detailed building design elements to better understand the performance of ventilation systems.The analysis can be used to visualise the flow of air within various spaces, as well as Air Change Rates and highlight any stagnant air locations.    

Residential Natural Ventilation Air Change Rate path lines


Using CFD analysis, compliance design in regards to ventilation methodology can be evaluated to include many factors, such as wind direction and mechanical assistance. 

Purge ventilation is outlined within Approved Document B (For England) and is an essential elements that becomes more complicated with high rise apartments. With analysis of the design including wind angles, building height and local weather micro climate conditions, a development can be assisted against he requirements outlined in Building Regulations to ensure a compliment and successful project. 

Purge Ventilation of an apartment highlighting Air Change Rate


Evaluation of car parks are an essential to ensure safety requirements are met. One option is to naturally ventilate the car park allowing the polluted or smoke filled air to vacate the car park through grilles and a wind assisted systems.

Find out more about how CFD simulations can provide valuable insight into a complement design by following the link below.

Car Park fire with natural ventilation system to aid with pollution and smoke clearance


An evaluation of the performance of the buildings natural ventilation set up can be vital to the success of a development. From a stack ventilation system, to a variations of window design, such as top hung and side hung windows, there are many types of ventilation set ups that can work in a variation of sites.

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Air Change Rate Purge Ventialtion of Apartment
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