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Specialised analysis through detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to evaluate the performance of the natural or mechanical ventilation system to optimise performance and reduce any unnecessary shut downs due to overheating. 

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Through modelling the generator halls and other vital areas of the infrastructure the resilience and operation of the power station can be evaluated. Be it through natural means or mechanical ventilation, generators require cooling to ensure the stem can operate effectively and efficiently. 

Through using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling the key areas can be accurately modelled to understand the air movement within the spaces as well as any build up of heat, such as around the generator inlets. 

Power station CFD analysis highlighting temperature around the building


To accurately analysis the airflow within the space detailed 3D models are created of the areas of interest. The geometry is modelled with a high level of detail to ensure every level of physics can be captured as the airflow bounces through beams and cable trays. 


Through a process of communication the model can provide an accurate representation of the finished project so that a better understanding of the system performance can be understood, analysed and optimised where required. 

Visulatisation of the CAD  geometry of the Power station with detailed elements such as pipework

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