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With more architecturally striking designs developing, the facades are buildings are becoming more complex with a variety of roles. From solar protecting, to defusing the impact of wind, a facade can have a major impact on the internal and external performance of a development. 
The CFD simulations can guide the design of new developments from a planning stage and detailed design as well as post construction to alleviate the issues that may arise.


Architectural evolution leads to new designs for facades, with a need to ensure the interaction with the local micro climate and other elements of the building fabric is considered and part of an engineered solution. 

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling can provide an insight into the interaction air flows can have through a facade, such as a perforated screen or louvred fins. 

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Analyse the impact screens, louvres or plates could have on the impact of the solar load within a building through a design process that includes CFD modelling to evaluate the impact of design choices. 

The environmental impact building around the world are having are increasing becoming a hot topic of conversation. With analysis undertaken on buildings, the number of solar loads on the buildings can be understood, reduce or utilised within the design to ensure the building does not overheat or suffer from lack of natural daylight.

Façade Analysis of the Stage development


With analysis of a wide variety of facade design that evaluates the solar and ventilation to ensure a well designed and throughout design. 

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Air Velocity through a sub model of the façade design

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