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Stadiums require a thorough detailed designs that considers the many influences to the in the environment both at pitch level as well as for the wider crowd in the stands. 


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis provides valuable insight into the air flow in the stadium bowl along with the impact varying environmental conditions, such as temperature, can have to the internal comfort levels.  

Videna Athletics Stadium visualisation of the CAD geometry

K8T is proud to help deliver the IAAF compliant athletics stadium that is at the heat of the pan american games 2019.


With the use of CFD analysis of the stadium design, the gusts through the stadium were greatly reduced with design optimisations made through a effective relationship between us and the architect. 


Stadium Project

The interaction between the local environment and the physical stadium or surrounding areas can have a significant impact of the internal conditions at pitch or track level. By first establishing the local weather conditions, then a detailed model of the surrounding area and the stadium itself can be created. The combination of both elements allows the conditions that can occur at the site to be effectively modelled.


With modelling at a high degree of accuracy, design decisions can be confidently made based of the evaluation of the CFD model of the stadium design. 


Predicted Mean Vote Comfort Index for a section of a stand within a stadium


With major sporting events being held in countries with hot climates the environmental conditions of stadiums have become a major element of design. 

Through modelling the external environment accurately using local weather data sets along with varying wind directions open air stadiums can be evaluated to determine the climate both at pitch level and for the spectators in the stands. Through modelling the local microclimate along with any ventilation system within the stadium, the build-up of temperature and humidity can be evaluated as well as using a combination of many factors to provide a metric of comfort levels of human occupants from cold to hot. 

AirFlow Characteristics
Environmental Conditioning


Being in direct sunlight can cause discomfort and overheating to spectators. With a detail model of the stadium design advanced modelling of the interaction with the sun path can be calculated. This simulation can give detailed analysis of where the solar eat gains can be increased and indicate where there may need to be shading. 

The simulation output allows for results to be easily visualised through the results being displayed the loads over the geometry surfaces. The highest loads are highlighted in red.

Solar Loads on a stadium
Solar Contol


By modelling detailed elements within the stadium design, such as louvres and sails,  as well as local environmental factors such as buildings and landscaping, a more accurate model can produced to better evaluate the performance within the stadium analysis.

When modelling to determine the effects of the local micro climate, the local city scape is modelled up to 10 Km from the site to ensure than the local elements can interact with the incoming airflow through

Videna athletics stadium view of detailed elements of the CAD geometry
Detailed Modelling


From large scale shopping centre car parks to small residential car parks, CFD analysis can provide valuable insight into the performance of a impulse fan or natural ventilation system. 

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CFD analysis of the Videna athletics stadium highlight air flow

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