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Since being formed back in 2004, K8T has become a thriving company that has had key roles across many sectors, from data centres, residential apartments and stadium design.


K8T has provided comprehensive computational fluid dynamics for many years with a wealth of knowledge and understanding that allows confidence in design solutions. This high level of analysis and understanding has provided a pivotal role across the last 15 years. This has been highlighted recently, at the Pan American Games in Lima, with our role advising on the design of the Videna Athletics Stadium. Our analysis has been key to providing an exciting and compliant stadium for track and field events. 

Old K8T Ltd logo from 2004
Old K8T Ltd company logo from 2011
Mary Rose ship hull

K8Tram was developed to assist with data centre design and evaluation through tight integration between design and analysis.


K8T provided valuable insight into the way Cabot Circus, a major shopping complex at the heart of the regeneration of Broadmead in Bristol, would influence the local micro climate through CFD wind analysis  


K8T Ltd was formed in 2004 with the intention of providing valuable expertise directly to clients in a way that is easily understood and with the aim to reduce the reliance of over engineering simple problems

Cabot Circus

K8T aided with the development of the museum and drying of the wreckage from HMS Mary Rose. 

K8Tram CFD analysis of a data centre

K8Tmon was developed. This was a major step in real time monitoring technology and software.

Old K8T Ltd company logo from 2015

In 2015, K8T welcomed the first of many placement students from the University of the West of England. Through engaging in placement programs K8T has helped the development of future generations as well as allowing fresh ideas from young undergraduates to energise the company. 

K8T Thomas Lane Office

To further expand the business K8T moved to new offices in the centre of Bristol, on St Thomas Lane. The office provided a large space to work in with a expanded capability.  


To reflect the vision of the company and the directions in which K8T strives to achieve and major re-branding provided the platform of growth into new sectors and ensure the company continuous development


In 2019, K8T was a crucial part of the design development of the Videna Athletics Stadium, a major venue that was part of the Pan American Games in Lima. 

K8T Ltd Logo
Videna  Athletics Stadium completed construction

K8T presented during the inaugural U.K. Fire and Smoke Modelling Forum  (FSMF.UK) . The presentation highlighted the misconceptions with modelling life safety systems and clarify the significance of differing modelling approaches.


Throughout he history of K8T we have always strive to innovate and ensure that everything we do continually pushes the industry forward in terms of safety, performance and optimisation. Through presentations and papers we can highlight areas of expertise and where our experience has taken us. Through being members of industry groups, such as the Smoke Control Association, we can help guide the future recommendations. 

From small scale residential apartment fire analysis to large scale stadium wind analysis, K8T has been part of many projects over the years. See our projects below to see the breadth of the projects we have been part of and the expertise we can provide. 

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