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K8T is Celebrating 15 Years of CFD Consultancy

K8T was formed back in 2004 with the aim of providing expert computational fluid dynamics consultancy with a focus of utilising high performances computing to aid with design analysis.

Over the years K8T have been involved in a range of projects from large scale stadium wind analysis to small residential smoke system compliance modelling. Through providing excellence in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling and engaging actively with clients to ensure understanding of the results of simulations K8T has built a reputation among many within the built environment industry. Over the course of the companies history there have been a constant progression into establishing a consultancy service which is both engaging and useful to clients to improve, optimise and ensure a effective designs.

Paul Kingston, the managing director of K8T Ltd, founded the company 15 years ago in 2004 to establish his own company. Paul used her expertise to grow the company working on major projects, such as Cabot Circus in Bristol, data centres for major multinational banks and on world class stadiums around the world. The company has continued to grow, expanding in numbers and increasing the company's presence within the industry.

Since moving to a more central offices within Bristol, K8T has grown further providing services for large scale projects such as the VIDENA Athletics stadium in Lima, Peru for the Pan American and Para-Pan American games in 2019.

See more of the history of K8T and the road in which the company continues beading upwards providing expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling. Find out more.


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